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Below is a list of selected credits for my work as a unit publicist and/or festival strategist.  A full list of my production credits can be found on www.imdb.com.  A complete CV is available upon request.

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The Ward


On location: Spokane, WA

Publicity Consultant 2009

Dir: John Carpenter
Talent: Jared Harris, Amber Heard, Danielle Panabaker, Mamie Gummer
Producers: Andy Spaulding, Doug Mankoff, Mike Marcus, Peter Block
*produced EPK




On location: Oklahoma City, OK

Unit Publicist 2008

Dir: Toby Wilkins
Talent: Shea Whigham, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Wagner
Producer: Ted Kroeber
*produced EPK




On location: Regina, Canada

Unit Publicist 2008

Dir: Jennifer Lynch
Talent: Bill Pullman, Julia Ormand, French Stewart
Producer: Marco Mehlitz
*produced EPK

Four Sheets to the Wind

Four Sheets to the Wind 


On location: Tulsa, OK

Unit Publicist 2007

Dir: Sterlin Harjo
Talent: Cody Lightning,Tamara Podemski
Producer: Ted Kroeber
*produced EPK




On location: Kelowna, BC Canada

Unit Publicist 2006

Dir: Andrew Currie
Talent: Billy Connolly, Carrie-Anne Moss, Dylan Baker, Tim Blake Nelson, Henry Czerny, K’Sun Ray
Producer: Blake Corbet, Lionsgate
*produced EPK

peaceful warrior

Peaceful Warrior



Unit Publicist 2006

Dir: Victor Salva
Talent: Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte, Amy Smart
Producer: Robin Schorr, Sabini Films, Lionsgate

September Dawn

September Dawn


On location: Calgary, Canada

Unit Publicist 2006

Dir: Chris Cain
Talent: Jon Voight, Terrance Stamp, Trent Ford, Jon Gries, Lolita Davidovich, Taylor Handley
Producers: Scott Duthie, Kevin Matossian
*produced EPK

raising flagg

Raising Flagg


On location: Portland, OR

Unit Publicist  2006

Dir: Neal Miller
Talent: Alan Arkin, Lauren Holly, Glenne Headly, Austin Pendleton, Richard Kind
Producer: Nancy Miller

Hard Candy

Hard Candy 



Unit Publicist  2005

Dir: David Slade
Talent: Ellen Page, Patrick Wilson
Producer: David Higgins, Michael Caldwell (for Vulcan)


Bamboo Shoot 


On location: Shanghai, China

Unit Publicist  2004

Dir: Xin Lee
Talent: CoCo Lee, John Lone
Producer: William Brent

Coastlines with Timothy Olyphant



On location: Apalachicola, FL

Unit Publicist  2002

Dir: Victor Nunez
Talent: Timothy Olyphant, Josh Brolin, Sarah Wynter, Josh Lucas, William Forsyth
Producers: Sam Gowan, Michael Caldwel (for Vulcan)

rose red tv series

Rose Red (ABC TV mini-series)


On location: Seattle, WA

Unit Publicist  2002 

Dir: Craig Baxter
Talent: Nancy Travis, Matt Keeslar, Kimberly J. Brown, David Dukes, Judith Ivey, Melanie Lynskey, Matt Ross, Julian Sands, Emily Deschanel
Producers: Thomas H. Brodeck (ABC), Mark Carliner, Stephen King




On location: State Center, IO

Unit Publicist  2001

Dir: Katherine Lindberg
Talent: Melora Walters, Diane Ladd, Jamey Sheridan
Producers: Will Machin (for Lola Films), Jordi Ros