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Telluride Film Festival Telluride

Vancouver Film Festival Vancouver

Denver Film Festival Denver

This Film [Festivals] page is designed to be a review of the film festivals attended over the course of a year. At first, these reviews will be first-hand (I usually travel to 8-12 festivals each year) and timely (not more than a year old). The advantage of having a site like this is that I can be critical without being negative. Therefore, the festivals you find here are selected because they offer positive experiences for filmmakers and audiences alike.

Munich International Festival of Film Schools

Munich International Festival of Film Schools

Sundance Film Festival Sundance

Slamdance Festival PassSlamdance

There are certainly many other sites and resources which give ratings to film festivals. I personally find value in more than one opinion on any given topic, so I hope filmmakers will also find this information additionally useful when making decisions which festival to attend, which to apply for and once your film is accepted, when wondering about how to make the most of that experience.

Dinner at Berlin Film Festival Berlinale

Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand

Cannes Summit Cannes

Please note, all views expressed herein are deliberately and uniquely my personal opinion, and do not represent anything other than my perspective. Wherever I have an inherent bias, I’ll make note. To review the mission and logistics of each festival, please visit their web site directly.

Palm Springs Shortfest Palm Springs Shortfest

Sandy Cioffi of Sweet Crude at Galway Film Festival


  The festival season generally starts in the fall with Toronto, Telluride and Venice. Therefore, these festivals are in order of their time of year—starting in September and going through July.