Denver, CO

32nd Starz Denver Film Festival: November 12 – 22, 2009



My first Denver Film Festival was last year when my client, Bill Pullman, attended to receive the Cassavetes Award. The festival also asked if I would sit on a panel regarding new media.


I was so impressed by the festival organization, starting with the fact that they feed their filmmakers! Feed, as in not just appetizers at a party but real food and beer, which can be a huge bonus for starving indie filmmakers on a budget.


I was also impressed by the civic support from the community and both city and state government. While Starz Denver Film Festival has had its fair share (and then some) of ups and downs this year—a organizational coup had the festival staff revolt and the festival itself in doubt—the original festival team who were so incredibly good last year are back again.


This is a festival that truly believes in its filmmakers, has a solid audience base, and takes care of all its guests. Regional press attendance is heavy, but trade and national press light. Along with Seattle, Los Angeles and Miami, Denver is one of my top regional festivals.


Panel: The Cell Phone as Theater

The Cell Phone as Theater... and Other Distibution DilemasThis panel, “The Cell Phone as Theater…and Other Distibution Dilemas,” examines the rapidly changing field of film distribution. Are we on the verge of a technological revolution as the silver screen shrinks to fit our spiffy new telephones? Is there still a place for the traditional movie theater experience?


Film critic Robert Denerstein moderated this panel discussion. Denerstein was joined by a group of industry experts including Adam Dornbusch, Jaman; Doug Jones, Los Angeles Film Festival; Kathleen McInnis, Palm Springs Shorts Fest; Christian Gaines, Withoutabox; Mark Rabbinowitz, Cinelan; and Matt Dentler, Cinetic.

“The Cell Phone as Theater…and Other Distibution Dilemas” was sponsored by PayReel



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