Filmmaker (as artist)






As many of you have heard me talk a million times, I believe in something I have coined “The Cinematic Trinity”.

I believe the “Filmmaker (as artist) + Industry + Audience” paradigm has to be intact for film-as-art to fulfill it’s purpose. To put it another way, in order for film to find audience, we use industry (in any definition of the word) as a conduit. A person can be one, two or all three parts of the paradigm at any given moment. 

For our work with filmmakers, festivals present as both industry and audience. And while old-school models continue to be instrumental in bringing film to audience through traditional distribution, we feel we serve filmmakers best (better) when we are active in that dynamic part of the paradigm BEFORE the film moves on to the distribution and exhibition streams.

Our job through our work at See-Through Films then is to bring filmmakers access to new audiences for engagement, empowerment, enrichment and retention; bring audience into the conversation to give value to the way in which they consume/view their content, and give industry an opportunity to both be a voice in development with the filmmaker and experience real-time audience engagement. 

The Seattle international Film Festival has launched their New Works-in-Progress Forum specifically to serve as home base for The Cinematic Trinity. I cannot be more honored and delighted to be a part of this nurturing festival team.


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